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Lessons of Lust (part four)

My professor was walking over to my desk slowly as he started to unbutton his dress shirt. “ I see the way you look at me; you’re not slick my dear”, he said this with confidence. I took my black sweater off and said, ” I have no idea what you’re talking about professor”. He gets close to my desk, shirt fully unbuttoned and wow, what a body he has. His nice tanned skin, lovely abs and a very cute happy trail. The scent of his cologne was enough to get me wet, which it did. My nipples were hard at this point and I know he could see them through my thin white tank top.  ” I see the seductive looks you give me while I’m lecturing, I see the way you cross your legs because your pussy is pulsating and telling me to enter. I see the way you lick your lips because you want to put them around my lips and cock”, the professor was right. All right. How dumb was I to think I could hide my expressions from a smart man like himself. “So what?” I said with a sexy little attitude. He grabs me by the arms and lifts me out of my seat, my heart started beating fast because I couldn’t believe this was happening right now. The sexiest man I know is handling me. He grabs me closer and slowly slides his tongue in my mouth, I moan because he knows what he is doing and it feels amazing. His tongue slipped in an out of my mouth. His kisses kept me wanting more and by this time my throbbing wet pussy wanted his cock inside me. The professor then moved his hands from my waist to my lower back, then to my ass. I jumped a little and he stopped kissing me to say, “I’m going to fuck you deep and hard”. Just the words alone made me take my shirt off, but before I could do that, my professor pulled it back down. He wanted to take control, which I liked. Mr. Professor as I called him then picked me up and dropped me on his desk like a kid with a new toy. He took my tank off to reveal my hard nipples. They were so sensitive to the touch. He came close to them and softly licked them, which nearly gave me an orgasm. “Fuck me now”, I told him eagerly. “Not yet”, he said with extasy on his face. As he continued to softly lick my nipples, I could feel the wetness between my legs. I was dripping with pussy juice. He then grabbed my breasts nice and firmly which made me scream with pleasure. I looked down and saw that my professor had a full on boner. “Take your pants off professor”, as I grabbed at his belt. He then pulled my hands more towards his hard cock and told me, “You take them off”. I was so excited; I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants to find this wonderfully huge cock. He was long, hard and thick… just the way I liked it. I went down on my knees to go and suck him off. I wrapped my mouth slowly around the tip of his cock and he started to moan. I could taste his precum and swirled my tongue all around it. I looked up at him while I was sucking and he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I did. Then I deep throated him until my eyes were watery with pleasure. He was so hot and I loved to suck his cock. Any time of the day or night I swear I would suck his cock if he told me to. My professor then lifted me up and sat me back on his desk before he came and pulled down my soaked shorts. He could see that my pussy was glistening with juices that he created. He then rubbed his huge cock all over my pussy and it felt so good. I was so wet with pussy juice that he was slipping and sliding all over the place. He then rubbed his tip all on my throbbing clit to tease me more. By this time I couldn’t take the teasing and I pulled his cock toward my throbbing hole for him to enter. He started off slowly inside me and my tight pussy could feel every inch of him. I grabbed onto him as he went deeper and deeper inside me. I screamed. “Do you like it when I go deep in your pussy?” the professor said in an erotic voice. I could barely talk but I managed to say, “yes, yes, yes fuck me hard”. And that’s what he did. He started going faster and faster, you could hear my pussy juices as he slammed his hard cock inside me, and I never had a fucking like this one for sure. 


s1 was still the best tbh

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Sexy man with great tan lines!!

I dont think Angela has an 8 inch dick…

Heavy equipment/6.

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